At May 2, 2017, 7:55 AM, Jiří Činčura wrote:

>> Can you please add 1 line to describe the difference between using {0}
>> vs. @p0 ? 

> Well, AFAIK only the @p0 is supported. Maybe the {0} works as well, but
> I know only about the @p0 from documentation. Of course we can check EF6
> sources, but I'm too lazy to do that. :D

Actually, it's not. I'm using the Firebird's default parameter syntax,
the question mark. And, I use "new object[] {paramValue1, paramValue2,
etc..}" to pass the parameters, and paramValueX are just simple
variables or object properties, don't have to be FbParameter. I don't
remember trying @p0, although I did try with actual names(i.e.:
@PDate), since it was also documented in the MSDN documentation, but I
was getting an invalid field error coming from Firebird.

But,  as  you  mentioned, one might have to look at the EF6 sources to
find out the real behavior.

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