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Firebird 3 changed the format for trace configuration (yeah, I know) and
thus the FbTrace now needs to handle this. I'm currently banging my head
how to nicely present it to you - developers. I came up with these

1. Provide 2 methods for starting. Like StartPre3 and Start. I like that
it's discoverable from IntelliSense. And it's just a different method to
call for developer.
2. Have Start method or ctor take enum with target version. Not sure
about the naming though. Putting "3" might become confusing when v4
comes out (hopefully without format change).
3. Have different FbDatabaseTraceConfiguration classes and developer
needs to instantiate correct one. I don't feel this is a clean design
(not that the format change was a good design...).
4. Have a FbTrace and FbTrace3 (for example). Again as in 3. Maybe bit
easier to discover. Don't like the idea of another class that will be
there "forever".
5. Before connecting automagically check server version. Although most
pleasant from outside, I don't like the idea of extra roundtrip to get
this information.


Mgr. Jiří Činčura

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