Since this new class with its own data connection were introduced, I can't make it work anymore. When using the

QueueEvents(EventName) method an exception [] is thrown ["Error reading data from the connection."]

I'm using the same connection string which I'm using for my other data connections

Its also not working with the provided example code :

using (var @event = new FbRemoteEvent(Connection.ConnectionString))
 @event.RemoteEventError += (sender, e) =>
  Console.WriteLine($"ERROR: {e.Error}");
 @event.RemoteEventCounts += (sender, e) =>
  Console.WriteLine($"{e.Name}: {e.Counts}");
 using (var cmd = Connection.CreateCommand())
  cmd.CommandText = "execute block as begin post_event 'test'; end";

My connection string is :

"initial catalog=database.fdb;data source=Localhost;port number=3050;character set=ISO8859_1;user id=sysdba;password=masterkey;pooling=False;min pool size=1;max pool size=50;client library=fbClient.dll;dialect=3"

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