The trigger from you database has nothing to do with your c# code.You can use a 
stored procedure to insert data and returning latest id (also you can read 
current sequence value but you can have wrong value if other inserts happening).

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HiI'm using FB 2.5,EF Firebird 5.9.1,Asp MVC 5 with VS 2017
 on a table I have a trigger to generate ID:
ACTIVE BEFORE INSERT POSITION 0                      AS                      
BEGIN                        IF ((NEW.ID IS NULL) OR (NEW.ID=0)) THEN           
              NEW.ID=NEXT VALUE FOR GEN_MYTABLE_ID;                      END

in my code I insert data like this:
           myTableEnt   newRec= new myTableEnt()                {               
     NAME='MYNAME',                    ....                 };

                db.myTableEnt.Add(newRec);                db.SaveChanges();     
           return ToJson(new { msg = newRec.ID.ToString() });
 newRec.ID is returned always 0,but in database value is generatedwhat I've 
done wrongthanks
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