Den 2018-09-19 kl. 09:35, skrev Mark Rotteveel:
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On 2018-09-18 20:43, Kjell Rilbe wrote:
In firebird-devel, Mark Rotteveel pointed out that the .NET provider
seems to use Encoding.Default for TPB, which is not a good choice,
considering it's system dependent. I assume TPB want a specific
encoding, regardless of client platform.

Please consider replacing with Encoding.UTF8, as indicated in the same
firebird-devel thread, for all strings in TPB.

It is not that simple: for Firebird 2.5 and earlier, using UTF8 for strings in the TPB is incorrect unless the connection character set is UTF8.

Alright, but the most important point is to never use Ecoding.Default directly or indirectly (e.g. via string.ToUpper), because it's platform dependent and may turn out right sometimes, but sometimes not. Use well defined encodings everywhere.


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