Le 24/06/13 15:47, werner a écrit :
> The other day an issue regarding "commit retaining" came up on the SA
> list (sqlalch...@googlegroups.com)
> See the thread "The problem with Oldest transaction (Firebird)"  and the
> ticket Michael Bayer opened for it.
> http://www.sqlalchemy.org/trac/ticket/2763
> I would think that the default should be "False" on this new flag and is
> it is a change in behaviour I would say it should only go into 0.9.
> What do other think who use either kinterbasdb or FDB with SA on this?
That's an old story, I remember that few years ago I allready said that 
the actual default settings are bad.
For me, yes, default should be False and it is better if is an option 
(as others transactions settings)
but I'm not a SQLAlchemy user.

and for kinterbasdb, it should be obsoleted in SQLA.

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