> Curiously we have a libfbembed2.5 package on Debian though?

I see. The problem is Debian packaging which is different (customized to 
fit Debian standards and ideas) than stock Firebird. It's possible that 
there is special Debian package for embedded Firebird (I suspect they 
compiled client library for SuperServer that can't use libfbembed.so - 
classic engine - directly). I don't use Debian, so I can't give you 
better answer. But I can assure you that it works as I said (at least on 
openSuSE and/or with standard Firebird distribution packages). In stock 
Classic package you have libfbclient that talks to network or loads 
libfbembed directly, libfbembed (the engine) and fb_inet_server that 
wraps libfbembed for xinetd or other such daemon.

best regards
Pavel Cisar

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