what problem with MON$ATTACHMENTS? There you have info who is logged and from 
you have:
- user
- IP + port
- application name
- Remote PID (process ID)
what more you need? You can bind user name with your “user” by some table.

If you really need more info, create table with ATTACHMENT_ID + USER_NAME + any 
info required and populate it with db trigger like ON CONNECT

Karol Bieniaszewski

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Thanks Dmitry for your answer,

but RDB$SET_CONTEXT() it's not right for me, because it store information in 
actual connection (or transaction) and they can not be read out of this (with a 
monitor program for example).

With my monitor application I would know not only the connection (with the 
remote process) but also the person who created them (who is logged).

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  02.02.2018 11:46, marco andreolli wrote:
  > I use Firebird 2.5, I would known if is it possible attach a custom 
  > value on a connection info.


  > Actually I can see the number of connection on a database and other 
  > useful info with MON$ATTACHMENTS, but I would know If I could set a 
  > variable linked at the current connection.



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