Hi Neil,

I also have that experience when restoring. But as you said only when there are 
problems in the underlying table. Like duplicate values in a column that has a 
unique index.
In that case i can only reenable the index when fixing the table. In the cases 
I'm talking about there are no obvious problems but the indexes are disabled 
nevertheless and can simply be reenabled.
Since I do not have that problem in a controlled environment I can't say if my 
cases are also connected to restoring or not. I can say that in this case, if 
gbak would have left those indexes disabled it does not report it back via an 


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I know from experience that a restore can sometimes leave indexes in a disabled 
state, and you would usually get an error when trying to activate it as it was 
left disabled during the restore phase due to a minor data issue. The 
errorlevel returned by GBAK is greater than 0 so you can detect when this has 
happened without having to check all the indexes.

We see this with our firebird databases on occasion, it's preferable to the 
restore just failing and having to be run again without restoring indexes and 
manually identifying and dealing with the data issue then turning all the 
indexes back on again. It seems to be minor data issues that cause the index 
gets left disabled by GBAK, bigger issues and the restore will just stop with 
an error.


Neil Pickles

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Subject: [firebird-support] causes for disabled indexes


I'm using firebird embedded (2.5 and 3) in an on-premise solution. I get 
sometimes reports of slow behaviour and when checking those databases I can see 
that some or all indexes are disabled.
I can than simply enable those indexes and all seems well afterwards. Gfix does 
not find any problems and backup/restore works without a problem either then.

Are there some known causes that will result in disabled indexes without 
breaking the database otherwise?
The application itself doesn't touch indexes directly they just get created at 
some point.


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