<<Can someone give us an idea how firebird database engine can be benefit from 
a PCIE SSD such as Intel P3700 400GB ?
We just got two of those and installed to our server for our firebird database, 
they are raid 0 for redundancy.
But we are not getting much speed improvement according to the specs from those 
two drives.
Any idea that we can run some test or change the configuration for firebird ?>>

1. I don't understand how RAID 0 gives you redundancy...
"RAID 0 (also known as a stripe set or striped volume) splits ("stripes") data 
evenly across two or more disks, without parity information, redundancy, or 
fault tolerance. Since RAID 0 provides no fault tolerance or redundancy, the 
failure of one drive will cause the entire array to fail; as a result of having 
data striped across all disks, the failure will result in total data loss"

If you only have 2 disks surely RAID 1 will give you the redundancy you are 
looking for?

Consider the following...

You could buy a couple more disks and Use RAID 10
If you are using RAID1 or RAID5, consider RAID10 – it is 15-25% faster.
Check the BBU. If you are using a RAID controller, check that it has Backup 
Battery Unit (BBU) is 
installed and operational – some vendors do not provide BBU by default. Without 
the controller disables the cache, and RAID can be slow, even slower than usual 
SATA drives. 
Usually, you can check BBU status in the RAID configuration tool.
Set the write cache to write-back
If you are using RAID controller with installed BBU (and server with UPS), 
check that its cache is 
set to write-back (not write-through). «Write-back» enables write cache of the 
If you use a RAID controller, check that it has enabled the read cache. 


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