Steve Naidamast wrote:

> I am currently using Firebird Embedded edition for a military
> simulation I have been working on.

> I have seen recently that Firebird 3.0 has just been released with
> a brand new User-Guide.

Actually, Firebird 3.0 was released two years ago.  The latest
sub-release is 3.0.3.

> Along with this, I noticed that Firebird
> 4.0 is now on the books for development.

True:  it is in Alpha.

> However, in the interim will the Firebird Team be releasing a 3.0
> version of their embedded database engine to match the internals of
> their recent release for their server engine?

With the fully unified engine, Firebird 3 embedded is no longer
distributed as a separate application.  You use configuration and
protocol to set up and use embedded and/or any of the other models
from the single installation.

You really need to study the release notes closely to see how things
work now.

> Or has Firebird Embedded Edition reached a level of maturity that
> it requires no further development at this time?

Embedded always was one choice from four server models.  That has not


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