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>> I know it's off-topic, but does anyone else experience receiving
>> multiple copies of some posts on this list, or is it just me?
>> Sometimes I have 2, 3 or 4 identical copies in my inbox (like Hugo's
>> from yesterday - 2 copies). They seem identical except for their X-UIDL,
>> but AFAIK UIDLs are being assigned by the receving e-mail server, so
>> that doesn't prove anything.
>> Sorry to bother you with this, maybe someone just clicks "send" with a
>> shaky hand, but maybe my mailbox is messed up. No duplicates from other
>> lists, though.
> No, you are not imagining things, and it is not a problem on your end.
> It looks like Yahoo Groups has some hickups in the past few weeks.
> BTW: the X-UIDL is mail server (or maybe even mail client) specific, but
> you can trace the duplication/divergence in the 'Received:'-headers of
> the mail.
> One of the yahoo.com mail servers will send the message with two (or
> three) different ESMPTS ids, which means it was asked to send the
> message twice to your address. That would seem to indicate that the
> problem is somewhere with the way Yahoo Groups sends out the emails to
> its subscribers.
> I'm not sure if we can do much about it. Yahoo (and now Oath) haven't
> really done anything with Yahoo Groups in the past 10 years but only
> kept it alive.

Also, sending of emails seems to be a bit delayed as well. From being 
received by Yahoo (and posted on the website, going by an experience 
last week), my mail took 1.5 hours to being sent by mail to me.

I have checked Yahoo Feedback 
(https://yahoo.uservoice.com/forums/209451-us-groups/filters/new) and it 
seems we're not the only once experiencing these problems.

And interestingly enough, if you search for the symptoms, it seems to 
occur every few years (it is very interesting to get search results from 
10 years ago describing the same problem with Yahoo Groups).

Mark Rotteveel
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