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> In light of the current problem of duplicate messages being sent out, 
> I'd like to bring up the idea of changing platforms from the Yahoo 
> Groups platform. Many other mailing lists I receive used to use Yahoo 
> Groups but have moved elsewhere over the past few years due to recurring 
> issues with Yahoo. I think the Firebird lists are the only ones I 
> subscribe to that have not done this.
> How should we explore this? I this idea of interest to other subscribers 
> or admins?

While yahoo has it's problems, it's use 'email only' works for many of 
us and I for one have dropped lists which have moved to other more web 
based services. I like the way I can come down in the morning and see 
what needs to be dealt with. Even duplicate messages are easy to spot 
and remove leaving me with a tidy archive that goes back to late 90's on 
some lists.

While groups.io have a price list it's not something I will be looking 
to transfer to. All to easy for them to start charging for every list at 
some point ... I've simply dropped the lists that have moved ...

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