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> I've been seeing the same thing in this and other Yahoo lists.
> Also, as list admin, some other behaviour, such as getting a 404 error
> when I click through the supplied link to a post that requires
> moderation.  The latter problem went on for a week but it seems to
> have been resolved now.  I wonder whether Mark saw the same thing with
> the Firebird-Java list.

The traffic on firebird-java is very low, but last week there was one 
such message and the moderator tools were behaving a bit odd.

> Yahoo recently underwent an ownership change: it belongs to Verisign
> now.  I concluded that our list problems were probably due to new
> hands on old software as the Verisign people gradually move the Groups
> archives to their own servers.  There's also the activities of
> U.S.-based list providers having to become compliant with the EU
> privacy laws by the July 30 deadline.  It's probably a mix of
> circumstances.

Given similar problems have occurred with some frequecy over the past 
decade, I wouldn't necessarily blame it on Yahoo having been bought by 
Verizon (not Verisign). I would assume that the maintainers/admins of 
the platform continue to work for Yahoo, now as part of Oath (the 
umbrella company of Verizon that 'contains' Yahoo).

Mark Rotteveel
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