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> In light of the current problem of duplicate messages being sent out, 
> I'd like to bring up the idea of changing platforms from the Yahoo 
> Groups platform. Many other mailing lists I receive used to use Yahoo 
> Groups but have moved elsewhere over the past few years due to recurring 
> issues with Yahoo. I think the Firebird lists are the only ones I 
> subscribe to that have not done this.
> How should we explore this? I this idea of interest to other subscribers 
> or admins?

Some of the sub-projects have moved from the sourceforge mailing lists 
to Google Groups (which can also be used as a mailing list). However we 
(as project admins) have - at the moment - no plans to move 
firebird-support away from Yahoo Groups.

Also, what looks to be temporary hick ups in a service that has worked 
relatively well for the past 18 years (since November 2000) is not a 
good enough reason to move a mailing list with 7500+ subscribers, 
especially given the fact that 1) because of the GDPR we can't simply 
resubscribe everyone on a new list, 2) we'd lose the archive, and 3) 
it'd cause a lot of confusion + other issues.

If the service continues to be degraded, we'll start a discussion if and 
how to address that.


Mark Rotteveel
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