Doug wrote:

> In any event, the admins have made it clear they are not looking to
> move so we can drop it for the moment.

Actually, I'm the admin and I haven't said a lot about the current
glitches so far. ;-)  And you're an occasional moderator of this list
too, so it's fair you should have your say.

> I just do not think Yahoo has
> been a reliable or easy to use platform over the years.

I don't agree that Yahoo hasn't been reliable.  Sure, over the years,
they have made changes to the admin interface without announcing them,
but overall it has been reliable. I mind all the lists, including the
newer Google ones, and they all have their glitches.

> Adter being
> hosted here for so long it seems prudent to take a serious look at
> the alternatives, especially since these glitches keep coming back
> to Yahoo. Lots has changed over the past few years.

These glitches are infrequent, although I can't disagree that they
have happened.  This current one of duplicating messages and of having
replies appear before the orginal posts is annoying but, like Mark, I
think we'd have to be seriously put out to consider shifting a list
with an 18-year archive.

The likelihood of leaping out of the frying pan into the fire is
fairly strong. The firebird-net-provider list was moved from
Sourceforge to Google Groups six months ago and the Subscribe entry on
the website was updated at the time.  It's a low-traffic list compared
to this one but I'm still having to moderate subscribe requests and
first posts.

Let's suppose that River's post yesterday put a fairly accurate finger
on the current problems.  Let's weather it for a week or two and see
how things shake out.


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