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>> Another concern is the consideration of moving the current forum's data
>> into a new forum's format.
> Migrating the archive to a new platform is in my opinion not a
> requirement. We will however need to preserve that archive in some form.
> That way, old discussions etc can still be found in search engines like
> Google.

groups.io offers a transfer service but since they charge based on the 
volume of material, the question is if large projects transferring in 
would hit the chargeable bands quickly. But even moving messages messes 
up the current indexing on google and bing.

Personally I'm not bothered by the search engines as they have not been 
producing sensible results for a long time UNLESS you already know the 
right questions to ask ... which normally means you know the answer 
already. I run searches locally on my email archive and at least have 
the option to tidy that where we have poor material from the past. 
Stripping poor quoting and leaving the useful material. Something that 
the search engines can't help with.

The problem these days is that differing opinions are driving many 
areas, and things seem to change daily affecting things one has been 
doing for a long time. I'm stuck with using Thunderbird simply because 
it can handle the 20+ years of history, although it has been through 
stages when newbies tried to kill off the archival side as 'pointless'. 
YES 99% of the material will probably never be accessed again and I 
should perhaps wipe it, but I'm still dealing with clients who I first 
spoke to in the 80's and their messages are still relevant today and 
while I probably only access a few times a year, it's nice to be able to!

I've said this before but still nothing has changed. It would be nice if 
there was a Firebird powered framework that handled this email traffic 
and linked it with other views of the material. Then the website could 
provide a tidy access to the whole of the archive. It's what I've been 
trying to achieve with my own framework since I switched from C++ to 
PHP, but all the time spent trying to keep up with at times unnecessary 
changes to the rest of the infrastructure has prevented it happening 
YET. Latest problem, Plasma/KDE/Linux was working fine last week, today 
something is leaking memory related to something called 'Baloo' and my 
30Gb of free memory disappears and the desktop becomes unusable. It's 
just happened again while typing this ... so more time to be wasted again :(

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