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> i have Visual Studio 2017 and followed the installation instructions from:
> https://firebirdsql.org/file/documentation/reference_manuals/fbdevgd-en/html/fbdg30-efw-vs-prepare.html
> to connect my c++ project (windows forms) to a firebird server.
> The document describes the Setup for Visual Studio 2015 so i copied 
> ../reg_files/VS2015 to ../reg_files/VS2017
> and changed ..\15.0_Config\..  to ..\17.0_Config\..
> and proceeded with Step 10. All other Steps i realized as described.
> But a "Firebird Data Source" ist still not a vailable.
> does anyone know or solved this problem?

As far as I'm aware Firebird DDEX Provider 3.0.2 only support Visual 
Studio 2005-2015, so Visual Studio 2017 is not supported by the installer.

There is a workaround, see:

- http://tracker.firebirdsql.org/browse/DNET-739

If you run into more problems, I suggest that you subscribe to the 
firebird-net-provider mailing list and ask for more help there.

Mark Rotteveel
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