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> Two ideas that should work on any SQL database so long as you never delete 
> invoices

Remember that a transaction can roll back, so delete is not your only 
> I amNot a guru for this dbms so if a more specific technique is posted it is 
> likely to be faster
> Note however that while my method may be inefficient, it is more likely to be 
> portable. You pays your money and you takes your choice
> With SQL and code in another language:
> Start transaction
> Select max (invoice) ...
> Calculate next invoice 
> Insert...
> Commit

That just narrows the window of chance that two transactions will see the same 
next value.  

> Or if you want to do it all in SQL then create a view that selects max 
> invoice plus one, and insert one row at a time from that view into the table. 
> The other columns would then be presented as calculated values 

I think that does nothing to solve the problem of seeing the same max value 
from two concurrent transactions. 
> Either of the above are reasonably efficient if you have an index on the 
> invoice number, as firebird can easily find the first and last entries from 
> the index and iirr if the only column retrieved is the indexed value firebird 
> does not even access the table. 

Firebird does access the table to insure that the last index entry is a record 
version visible to the current transaction.  

Read the article in ibobjects. 

Good luck,


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