On Jan 14, 4:34 am, "Honza (Jan Odvarko)" <odva...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > console/3408/issue3408.js
> This failure is related to the changes for Issue 3784: "undefined"
> shouldn't be shown as return value of assignments or internal function
> calls in Console Panel
> I can't reproduce that consistently, but I have noticed that
> console.log("This is a test log");
> produces following log in the Console panel:
> This is a test log_firebugIgnore

Well I am to blame for the "_firebugIgnore" part, that is what I added
to try to solve the problem of "undefined" as the return value of

The reason the result is inconsistent is that Firebug buffers log
output to avoid lag. The buffering will be skipped in some cases

Maybe console.log() should return "Don't use console.log(foo) in the
command, just type 'foo'"   ;-)


> Honza
> On Jan 14, 9:33 am, Steven Roussey <srous...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > I think this problem is related to Firefox 4.0 async jsd support which
> > > we have not completely dealt with. I believe the function is correct
> > > but the UI does not update correctly yet.  Because it is async the
> > > time for update can come before or after the test harness checks the
> > > value.
> > It is also happening on 3.6 with FB 1.7. I agree it is probably a timing
> > issue (but I didn't check the status bar to see, now that I think about it).
> > -steve--

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