Not seeing the changes live while editing is indeed annoying and often 
requested. This is covered in bug 815464 
<> and bug 1067318 
<> and those are 
prioritized <>.


On Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at 3:42:20 PM UTC+1, Sherry Sink wrote:
> What happened to the Edit button that was in the upper left corner of the 
> firebug tools (next to the Pick an Element from the Page icon)? Why isn't 
> that available in the new Firefox dev tools? 
> In the past, all I had to do was right-click on an item on a webpage and 
> click Edit, and a blank box with just the HTML code for just that item / 
> paragraph / div, etc. would display. From there I could make changes, add 
> more code, and *automatically* see the changes added to the page so I 
> could decide whether or not I wanted to make those changes. I could keep 
> working and testing and seeing new changes without having to leave the edit 
> box.
> With this new Firefox dev tools, there is no edit button. I can 
> right-click on a div within the Firefox dev tools and choose Edit as HTML 
> but it only brings up a box within the code itself, instead of allowing me 
> to see it separately. And when I make a change within the code itself, the 
> changes don't show up on the page unless I exit out of the Edit as HTML 
> box. Then the changes show up on the page. But to make more changes or make 
> adjustments to the change I just tested, that means I have to then re-find 
> the div tag or paragraph tag or whatever I changed and right-click all over 
> again, in order to go back into the Edit as HTML box option. That's a 
> gigantic pain, to have to go back in and out of the Edit box in order to 
> see my test changes or make more changes. It's illogical. You've created 
> extra steps and made testing much less efficient. It's very frustrating! 
> I want Firebug back, not these new Firefox tools. You're making my job 
> harder, not easier.

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