First of all, please respect the rules of this discussion group and stop 
talking in such a rough language! People are more willing to answer you 
when you're not swearing.

console.log() <> 
and other Console API 
<> functions work 
pretty much the same as in Firebug 
If they are not working for you, disable Firebug and reload the page. If 
that doesn't help, that may be something related to your profile settings 
or a conflict with an extension
First of all, check if the log messages are just hidden. You can do that by 
clicking the Logs button in the toolbar.


*Note: The screenshot is made in Firefox Nightly. In Firefox 50 the toolbar 
looks a bit different.*

If that doesn't show the messages and you just want to get rid of it, reset 
your profile 
If you want to help others having the same problem, try to find the culprit 
by disabling all your extensions and checking whether that makes a 
difference. If yes, enable them one by one again and see which one is 
causing the log messages to break. If disabling the extensions doesn't make 
any difference, the issue is probably related to your settings. In that 
case you should make a backup of your prefs.js file within the folder of 
your profile and then reset the profile. If this fixes the bug, copy parts 
of your original prefs.js file back to the new prefs.js file to file the 
preference that makes the difference. (This is how I found the cause for a 
bug lately <>.)


On Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 1:05:33 PM UTC+1, Ian Sebryk wrote:
> mmm...absolutely not thrilled with the snap-jerk change in Firebug at 
> all.  now ALL of our console logs are failing to populate to this messed up 
> new FF DevTools 'Console'; BOTH PHP and JavaScript.  has anyone either 
> figure out how to get any of it running again or found a replacement that 
> works with the FF devTools?  simple console.log doesn't show up, neither 
> does good 'ol flog (firelogger).  how the chess-basted-hell are we supposed 
> to develop without simple console messages?!? ffffuuuuuu.....
> this kind of shit has seriously kicked us in the bellz.  not happy.  at 
> all.  i really hope i am missing something simple here...  >:(

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