Dear FIS Colleagues,

The New Course is here, and with it, it is time to continue our discussion sessions. We will start next week with:

INFORMATION AND LOCALITY, by Steven Ericsson-Zenith.

Another three/four sessions are in the pipeline (remember the open invitation to suggest themes/presenters). Hopefully we will have an exciting Course. During this Summer, I hope you all have had at least a decent resting time.
best wishes

PS. Thanks to Michel for his message on predatory publishers. I think it clearly connects with our recent discussions on library science. Along the 80's and 90's, when gauging the scientific papers and their citations became standardized and enormously facilitated (Garfield!), the metrics of professional advancement gradually substituted for the exchange of ideas in scholarly communication (the stupid 'publish or perish'). The increasing penetrance of digitalization has amplified the phenomenon and brought unintended spurious consequences as Michel describes with the predatory publishing. Now it seems we are entering in a next wave of digitalization, affecting knowledge creation itself. What unintended consequences may have the widespread presence of AI systems capable to handle enormous swaths of knowledge and to creatively recombine and apply it? Interestingly, the digitalization of society will be the leit motiv of next IS4IS & FIS conference (2017, Gothenburg)organized by Gordana...

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