Dear Igor,

I practically agree with you, especially that matter (biological, non-
biological, whatever) is a derivative concept, for we can speculate 
about it only indirectly through information we possess. As I pointed a 
few times, the objective reality for me is not reality of material
objects (I have even a book about this). This is reality of 
information. There are information laws. Special forms of such laws are 
physical and biological laws. Yes, I agree that Shannon information 
given through entropy and hence through probability is not information, 
but we can say information coordinate. 
In your terminology the problem that I would like to emphasize is that 
we need more coordinates. I do not know such an advanced information 
coordinate system. QI differs from classical by using not a fixed 
Kolmogorov probability space, but multi-probabilistic system. So QI 
provides a better coordinate system, but I do not think that this was 
the end of information coordinate story.

With Best Regards,

Andrei Khrennikov

Director of International Center for Mathematical Modeling in Physics, 
Engineering, Economy and Cognitive Sc.,
University of Vaxjo, Sweden
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