Dear FIS colleagues,

Herewith some recommendations from the computer management of this Uni about the recent spam problems:

DIRECT POSTING: messages should be posted "first hand" to the list (to:), and not as a copy (cc:)

MEANINGFUL TITLES, better putting scientific terms (not funny items, or gibberish such as response to response to response...)

FRESH CONTENTS, keeping away old, long texts dragged from previous messages repeated and repeated.

NO ATTACHMENTS of any files at all.

FROM "CLEAN" SERVERS: dirty servers which are sending both legal mail and illegal spam are detected by the filters, directly blocking any message from them (in a Bayessian way, I was told)... better not to insist if you are rejected, as this problem with the servers is very complex, affecting mostly to users of webmails and google mails, temporarily in general.

And that's all I was told. In any case, if people taking care of the above extremes are still suffering the blocking by the spam filter, they should contact me off list, and I will send their case to the management: they will try to solve it on a case by case basis. The coolest we keep, the easiest will be to sort out the problem. Remember that the list archives to check whether effectively your message is in the list or not (some parties have complained these days on false blocking...) are:

List-Archive: <>

FIS web site:

Thanking the patience!


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