At 10:35 AM 9/18/2008, Joseph Brenner wrote:
>Dear Friends,
>You may have discussed this question before I joined the group, and 
>I am not proposing it as a discussion topic. I would just like to 
>know which of the two following sequences is currently generally 
>preferred or accepted, and if the answer is important:
>a) knowledge is organized information; meaning is knowledge with 
>social or psychological value to an individual or social system.
>b) meaning is information with economic or social value; knowledge 
>is meaning that plays a functional role ("makes a difference") in a 
>social system.


It seems to me that both are clearly false. First of all, the idea of 
false information is an oxymoron, but b) allows this as far as I can 
see. Second, meaning can exist without a true reference, but 
knowledge has to be true, but this contradicts a.

Perhaps you can clarify what you intended.


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