Robin, Wittgenstein’s “meaning as use” is mostly related to meaning of words 
and sentences. And analytic philosophy is not in favour of considering 
evolutionary approaches.As the systemic approach goes with a bottom-up 
perspective usable for simple organisms, I do not feel that it can be basically 
considered as a reformulation of W’s “meaning as use”. However, if we consider 
the application of the systemic approach to the case of human language 
precisely, then the generation of meaning by constraint satisfaction can be 
compared to W’s “meaning as use” assuming we know the corresponding 
constraints. And this brings us to another level of analysis: what are, for us 
humans, the constraints to be satisfied ?We have of course in the background 
all our biological constraints. But human specific constraints are not that 
well known (or ignorance about the nature of consciousness being a heavy 
contributor of the problem). On a general basis, we can say that a generic 
human constraint is the search of happiness which indeed conditions many of or 
meaning generations and actions. Various sub-constraints come from this generic 
one like combine pleasure & reality, limit anxiety, satisfy Maslow pyramid, 
valorise ego, … (1). This looks to me as an open subject because psychology of 
motivation is still in its infancy (also as a consequence of our ignorance 
regarding the nature of consciousness).All the best Christophe(1)

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Friday, September 19, 2008, 12:27:06 AM, Christophe wrote:


Folks,   Answering to Joseph, I relate meaning to information by a systemic 
approach based on constraint
satisfaction that allows an evolutionary/bottom-up usage 
So with this, a meaning exists relatively to a system submitted to a 
constraint. A meaning (a meaningful information) is the result of an 
interpretation by a system that has
a constraint to satisfy.

Isn't this a reformulation or generalisation of Wittgenstein's "meaning as use"?

Robin Faichney
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