Dear FIS colleagues,

Some aspects of the current financial crisis might be related to 
discussions we had in this list on information and the nature of 
economic flows years ago ("economic networks", and also, central aspects 
of ecological "ascendancy").

The amazing growth of financial assets of many kinds during last decade 
may have conduced finally to a brutal crisis like the current one, not 
just for "greed" or political lack of control, but also for dearth of 
scientific understanding. I would argue that:

1. Financial flows are "anticipatory" information flows that preclude 
the structural changes and the evolution to follow by real economic 

2. Without financial anticipation, economic changes could not keep pace 
with technology & science progress due to the "viscosity" of social and 
legal webs of relationships.

3. The creation of successive informational (financial) layers becomes 
an exercise in complexity accumulation, that almost inexorably leads to 
cross instability thresholds and a general loss resilience.

4. Though the financial info is a sort of virtual builder, a potential 
energy of sorts, it has to suffer "closure" upon the real economy; then 
its excessive flows in out from some sector (eg, housing in some 
strategic countries), amplified in the global complexity, have now 
potential to destabilize the whole financial layers and bring the real 
economy to havoc.

5. Economy is an informational systems, in crucial aspects, not well 
explained yet... advancing an "info economics" would be quite timely.

Would it be interesting to argue on some of these very roughly penned 
aspects (while our pockets get emptier and emptier)?



PS. The recent track on foundations of art is still worth of some 
further comment...

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