Dear Christophe and Giuseppe,

Thanks for the recent comments, really exciting . There is a direct
connection between quantum & unpicturability (but do not have here the
proper reference; it is one of the simplifications which allows
approaching chemical bonds by making them independent on the atomic
nuclei fluctuations).  Next week I will answer better (preparing a trip
now). About the question below, I quite agree with you, but people who
fill in application forms have to be left to handle by themselves that
excruciating job, without interferences. Even more when other societies
were involved, not only FIS...

> But coming back to the reason of my post, I’m surprised that the 
> notion of meaning is not an explicit item in a proposal entitled 
> “Interdisciplinary elucidation of the information concept. Theories, 
> Metaphores and Applications“
> If I have missed something, pls  let me know.

About Giuseppe points, I also agree, but some further defense of Rosen's
may be useful. The case is in my view, that unpicturability refers to
complexity "depth" and impredicativity to its "extension". Both are
related, and maybe not quite well formulated. Regarding
ecological-geodynamic networking matters (so crucial in microbial
communities) and in the asymmetry between analysis and synthesis
concerning biological nature as open systems (a fascinating theme also
within Rosen's scope) something similar to impredicativity could be
argued. Let us try ourselves to unify matters, by means of future
exchanges, or even let us plan a devoted discussion-session...

Why computational processes should be necessarely predicative?
Girard's Type Theory (System F) is impredicative yet "fully 
computational" (it
computes exactly the recursive functions provably total in second order
A detailed critique of Rosen's analysis is in:
Matteo Mossio, Giuseppe Longo, John Stewart.  Computability of closure to
efficient causation.   To appear,  J. of Theoretical Biology, 2009.

The bibliog. references of both messages were really of interest (I will
go for them next days...)

best regards


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