Dear Colleagues, 
In a few sentences, a summary of my contribution addressing some of Pedro’s 
formulations of Yixin's questions:
It is difficult to consider a unique perspective on the relations between 
intelligence and information as they depend upon the agent being considered 
(bacteria, human, robot, ..).
An evolutionary approach can provide a thread as it allows starting with easy 
Considering agent meaning generation for constraint satisfaction as an 
elementary case of intelligence, we can start by a simple systemic model 
linking meaning generation and information (1, 2) 
An evolutionary approach can then be addressed through the evolutions of agents 
and of constraints (3,4). 
Meaningful information and representations (intelligence) link the agents to 
their worlds (4).
However, some characteristics of agents, like being alive, autonomous or 
conscious, are badly understood or still mysterious. Such lack of understanding 
needs to be explicated in our evolutionary route (4).
All the best for this year end
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