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DearKrassimir and FIS Colleagues,             Iam Chuan Zhao. I am teaching in 
the Department of Computer Science andTechnology, Chengdu University of 
Technology, China. I am an associateProfessor, director. My interesting fields 
are FIS, foundation of AI, mathematicsand Universal Logic, etc.  I joined the 
BeijingFIS2010 and my speech is on Natural Language Understanding.             
Iagree with your two important characteristics of “background to Modern 
Science”.And want echo with you in these two aspects.            1. The freedom 
tomake experiments. Now we must know that experiments of InformationScience or 
Intelligence Science should be very different and unusual withgeneral kinds in 
general laboratories. They should be wonderful and free. Forexample I joined a 
lecture of Prof. Denis Mair, Nov. 7, 2010. He is a sinologistand poet. It was 
the first lecture of International Yi Lecture Theater. The lecturetook about 
his translation for a Chinese, Yi poet’s poem book to English. Yi isa minority 
of China.Of course his translate is from Chinese to English. But these are two 
biglanguages! Why I joined it during heavy scientific works? In fact I was 
there withina intelligent scholar purpose: how strong and complex intelligence 
he has andwhat kinds of wonderful phenomena should happen during his 
translation betweentwo big languages, even concert the third language, such as 
Yi (the Yi poem hasbeen translated to Chinese.). Yes, really he took about many 
cognitive points,of course are literature point the same. For example he 
mentioned a coreconcept Streak. He said few yearsago in American a period he 
feel some trouble and a Chinese poet Aku visitedhe, he said a Yi proverb: “the 
streak of Tagore is up the body and the streakin human is in heart.” And this 
helped him gained some inspiration to out thetrouble. Now let us ask: what is 
the trouble of a poet? Why a proverb can helphim? What are they thinking? And 
men of letters worry about sometime seminalwith scientists? In the end of 
Main’s lecture Iasked a question: “I am a scholar of computer, I am very 
interesting with theintelligence during your translation; You have studied 
biology - the streak ofscience, what is the effect with your social study and 
write?”              Hislecture excite me to write a poem On Streak, because it 
is interesting to me. Hewelcome I have a try: he said I wish read lines from 
your poem with scienceview. Yes, during the lines one day I put into two nice 
conclusions for themails of our FIS. First roughly in English as: “this autumn 
/ I joined an excellentconference of sending out Declaration and Call / the 
Foundation of InformationScience / the list mails as a forum in net in sky is 
running / the sentence AIgor say let me think of the unfinished On Streak / he 
said “ information isheterogeneity stable for some definite time.” / and 
Bateson: / “information isthe difference that makes difference” / yes, 
Difference! / Difference! Is thebeginning and end of streak / see, here poet 
and science worry about the same! ““my special science study”Now I wrote 
thepoem and send to him and I am waiting for his feedback. En- this is a snow 
andperhaps fast examination. I believe that howdeep the break happened and how 
deep the connection should happen; How muchpain the divide release and how many 
wonderful the integrity should cause.              2. The freedom towork 
together with scientists, which belongto other “monastery”.  This let methink 
of my Chengdu Though Meeting. Thisidea formed at 2006. 2007 the Second 
Universal Logic Conference held in Xi-an, China. I designeda set postcard as 
gift to every participant. I wrote this idea of ChengduThought Meeting on the 
cover of the set of card. It is: “Chuan Zhao has a wish:stage Chengdu Thought 
Meeting. People shall deeper and pure exchange thoughts;instruct orient 
thoughts and approach the formalization with science system;have freer and more 
interdisciplinary communication. Looking forward it shouldhappen in the coming 
two years.” Yes, it happened these years. They are exciteand valuable though 
sporadic and non-formal. For example, Prof. Mihir chakraborty,in department of 
pure mathematics, in Kolkata University,he visited me twice, at 2009 and 2010. 
We should talk about my Phase Theoremand his Grade Theorem: we both found a 
kind of ancient India logic shoulddeal with the foundational questions of 
modern science. While he visited Chengdu, we talk about Soft Truth, Soft 
Consequence andSoft Computing in my university, about Tagore as “How Tagore 
now?” in another university, talk with Confucius School…there are so many 
things I will mention while talk to. I think we begin andbeginning. I wish 
there are better regular globe Chengdu Thought Meeting will happen.There is 
long preparation and imaging in heart. Are you interesting with myidea and 
invitation? I think it should be a wonderful meeting and we canrealize it.      
       Ibelieve it is the ways we have to go in the field without way while we 
explorethe future Science and culture or in one word civilization.              
 Bestwishes,             Sincerely                                              
            ZhaoChuan                                                        February
 16-20, 2011              This year 2011 is Rabbit- year in Chinese counting. 
Put mypaper cut of a run rabbit as the gift and bless to my dear FIS colleagues 
for 2011.  
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