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Let me comment on Loet's statement:

Ø  Information cannot to be found as res extensa.
There exists a framework, Informational Structural Realism, (Floridi) in which res extensa is 
nothing but information (for an agent). Within Informational Structural Realism 
the fabric of reality (the world) is information. That includes agents, 
messages, objects, everything. So in ISR information is found in res extensa as 
its structure or a form.
Without res extensa there is no information. (There is no information without 
representation). Information itself is fundamental fabric of reality and 
structures resulting from its self-organization, able to keep (memorize) traces 
of the past and, based on that, anticipate the future (of res extensa in its 
different forms), act in the world increasing its own chances to survive. In 
ISR information is the form of res extensa , both on an object level and on 

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Dear Michel,

>  Stating that information does not exist may be compared to stating that a 
> cloud does not exist: it is hard to define it rigorously and its frontiers 
> are highly fuzzy, but everybody is sure that it exists.

The problem is here the "exist". This easily lead to reification. For example, 
you formulate:

>  Thus I would not seek information here.

In my opinion, "information" can be entertained as a concept in a discourse. It 
can then also be defined, for example, as probabilistic entropy. I like 
Husserl's term "cogitatum" which he added in "the Cartesian Meditations" to 
Descartes distinction between res extensa and res cogitans. Information cannot 
to be found as res extensa.

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