Dear Gavin,
As you find some interest for a "Theory of Meaningful Information", it may be 
pertinent to recall a systemic approach to meaning generation:
When a system submitted to a constraint (stay alive, avoid obstacle, ...) 
receives from its environment an information that has a connection with the 
constraint , it generates a meaning (a meaningful information) that willl be 
used to implement an action aimed at satisfying the constraint.
The approach makes available a simple Meaning Generator System applicable to 
all cases where you can define the system and the constraint. Is not Shannon 
information theory. It links with Dretske and philosophy of mind. It has been 
used in several evolutionary approaches. 
 2003 Entropy paper on subject:
2010 short paper:
Part of IACAP 2011 presentation:
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Stan, John list members


I have had a number of off list email dialogue with list members, from

list and others.


There seems to be a group of listers that have a Theory of Meaningful

Information (It’s not Shannon’s mathematical Information theory), it’s

about meaning and electrical communication (I guess in this case



The common links seem to be Dawkins, Dennett, Searle and a few others.


Does anyone have any clear propositions, with their logical arguments,

evidence. tests, corroboration, modeling, conceptual mathematics,

for this Meaning Theory of Information. It also seems to include memes.


I am unable to find any clear propositions with their proofs, it all

like smoke and mirrors too me. At one point it becomes sort of Shannon’s

mathematical theory then it spoofs into something like Philosophy

arguments (Like Ogden Richards), then it spoofs into living matter and

then reappears as cultural units, then energy/matter representations.


Is The Meaning Information Theory a shape shifter. Is it the one size

all, theory.


What exactly is this Theory, where did it come from, what is it, what
is its

proposition, and if there is one how can it be tested, corroborated,

and how can we gather the evidence.








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