Dear all,
Thank you for sharing experience regarding your teaching on 
the subject related to information. I think it would be a good 
idea to create a FIS web page with resources for teaching 
about information. It could have either materials or links to 
materials which could be used in preparation of courses. 
It could include examples of syllabi. 

At this point, I can see the following main points emerging in 
the discussion:

1. Differences in opinion regarding the use of the name 
"Information Science" in teaching about information in the 
broad FIS spirit of inquiry: 
- The name was already used for disciplines of more specific 
- Doubts whether it is possible to consider the studies of 
information uniform enough to form a discipline.
- Doubts whether there is justified reason to use the term 
information, which has been abused in the past. 
- Need for more clear definition of the concept of 
information, before the term information is used in the name 
of the discipline. 
- Different name will help in developing an identity for the 

- The value of the idea of FIS is in looking at information in 
a very general way integrating multiple perspectives, thus the 
goal is to set foundations for an authentic Information 
- Establishing conventional borders for the discipline (based 
on particular definition of information) can only harm its 
development. Different conceptualizations of information 
should compete and that which allows to develop theory (or 
theories) of information which serves best in understanding 
reality will emerge as a standard. 
- Diversity of perspectives on information does not preclude 
unity of Information Science consisting in the methods of 

- For teaching about information the name of discipline is 

2. Concept of information has a great potential in integration 
of curriculum, in particular its part related to sciences, but 
also in more general sense. 

There was I think consensus on this integrative power of 
information studies. I agree wholeheartedly with this point of 
view. Actually, I already published some papers on this 
subject five years ago. 
However, here we have a paradox putting this consensus in 
jeopardy. If the issues of the definition of information, or 
of the use of name "Information Science" are so polarizing for 
FIS community (people who have so much in common), how can we 
believe that information can function as an integrative 
concept for education? 

Can we try to identify the territory which we all agree is our 
own? Is our common ground just a place where we are coming to 
fight? Or is it actually a place where we want to build 
something together? 
Once we have an understanding of what we all share, it will be 
easier to decide about the view propagated among students.

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