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Dear Colleagues,

The 56th meeting of the International Society for
the Systems Sciences (ISSS) will be held at San
Jose State University July 15-20, 2012, in San
Jose, California.

This meeting is designed at an interactive and
collegial scale of 200 to 250 thinkers with
diverse backgrounds and interests in the general
theory of systems and the arts and sciences of
systems. These fields provide platforms of
concepts and language that enable communities of
interest to transcend disciplinary boundaries
towards developing new knowledge and perspectives.

The ISSS 2012 theme of Service Systems, Natural
Systems draws attention to complex issues in
today's world, where dialogue amongst the learned
may lead to better futures.

The service systems sciences focus on the value
cooperatively created and shared in human
activities. Service systems support basic needs
such as food and water, develop social potential
through education and healthcare, and advance our
societies through businesses, governments and
social enterprises working in a globalized,
networked world.

The natural systems sciences focus on the
sustainability and diversity of life on our
planet. Social ecological systems balance
competing interests of human well-being, social
development and economic progress. Maintaining
resilience of natural capital and resources
across temporal and spatial scales challenges
policies, governance and stewardship. Ways to
participate include:

Engaging with plenary speakers, discussants and groups in reflections
Leading conversations on research in progress and early findings
Presenting pre-published works for commentary and refinement
Sharing experiences and knowledge sketched onto posters and outlines
Building personal insights in diverse dialogues about systems

Featured plenary speakers:

Rafael Ramirez, Director, Oxford Scenarios
Programme; Fellow in Strategy at the Saïd
Business School and Green-Templeton College;
James Martin Senior Fellow at the Oxford Martin
Jim Spohrer, Director of Global University Programs, IBM
Timothy F. H. Allen, Professor Emeritus of Botany
and Environmental Studies, University of
Wisconsin Madison
Garry Peterson, Professor in Environmental Studies, Stockholm Resilience Centre
Discussants invited from the ISSS community

Full details of the conference can be found at
http://isss.org/world/sanjose-2012. A copy of a
printable conference flyer can be downloaded from
this site, and we invite you to share this letter
and display the flyer for the benefit of other
interested colleagues and/or students.

Please email isssoff...@dsl.pipex.com any
questions about this conference. We hope that you
will be able to submit your current work to the
conference and look forward to hearing from you.

Professor John Collier                                     colli...@ukzn.ac.za
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