As Krassimir has pointed out, the term "information" is inseparable from
the human utilising (communicating, sending/receiving/evaluating) the
To say "Information is that difference that makes a difference" is like
saying "Cookies are what produce an excellent sensation in the mouth"  or
"Music is what enchants by fascinating".
The anthropomorphic thinking is characteristic of the so-called
"magical-mythical" way of thinking that children learn at the age of about
4-5 years. No abstract entity can "make" or "generate" or "produce"
anything, least of all differences.
The differences are either there or not. They are definitely not made or
produced by a wizard or sorcerer or aliens or green mutant informators.
For someone who is too dumb, nothing ever makes a difference; for
hysterics, everything is incessantly over-the-top, incomparable, unique,
never-heard-of, significant, a signal of a conspiracy.
The proposal was made in Step 12 of Learn to Count in Twelve Easy Steps to
use the term "information" like the terms "beauty", "satisfaction",
"desire" etc. Being informed is a property of the spectator, not of the
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