Dear Pedro

Thank you! there is some sort of synchronicity here: I was just recently
thinking about Roman Jakobson and his 6 levels of semiotic analysis.
Especially the *phatic expression*, as some kind of white noise that is
necessary for the interpersonal informational "handshake". That is, an
infosphere - be it organic or more like artificial info networks - would
need to have actants operate in a mutually relateable framework (even if it
is only pairwise).

The meaningless/senseless datum is important for establishing the lines of
communication, and perhaps some emergent properties (such as intimacy,
grouping, pre-communicative  acceptance).
Do you know of any quantified work re Jakobson? (I keep
for different porpouses)


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> Dear FIS colleagues,
> Just a wandering thought, in part motivated by the highly formal
> contents of the other discussion track. What are the major contents,
> topics, and styles in our social, spontaneous exchanges? Seemingly the
> response is that most of those exchanges are just casual, irrelevant,
> performed for their own sake. There are scholarly references about
> that---though our own perusal of social life may quite agree. The
> information flow, the circulation of social information, becomes the
> message itself (echoing McLuhan), amorphously gluing the different
> networks of the social structure... Flowing naturally in spontaneous
> exchanges and also fabricated and recirculated by the media. Our
> talkative species needs the daily dose --otherwise mental health resents
> quite easily.
> I am these days reading Robert Trivers (2011) on self-deception and how
> the info flow we are conscious of becomes a highly self-centered
> concoction for for our own social self-promotion. I think it partially
> dovetails with the above: "we are the content."
> best ---Pedro
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