dear fisers,

just wanted to announce the european meeting on cybernetics and systems 
research to take place in vienna from 22nd to 25th of april. as a conference 
addressing systems sciences and related fields you might find overlappings with 
your own expertise or research interests. some of you are already involved 
(e.g. john collier will hold a keynote on emergence, søren brier chairs a 
session on transdisciplinarity etc.). 

if more of you are willing to contribute, the time is still there to do so. you 
can submit an abstract until the end of february. feel free to contact me, if 
you have questions about your participation.

that's the link:

with the overall theme of "civilisation at the crossroads" (what are the 
responses of systems sciences, systems thinking, systems practice to the global 
challenges and what's the responsibility of them?) that conference builds also 
a first step to next year's fis/isis conference to be held at my university in 
vienna under the leitmotif of "information society at the crossroads" which 
shall address the response and responsibility of all sciences of information in 
our times. 


wolfgang hofkirchner

associate professor, vienna university of technology 

+43 1 58801 18730 (no voicemail)

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