Hi, Pedro.
I didnt receive th image (Figure 1. The Four Great Domains of Science)
Would you please send it again?

Thank you.


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>    1. Re: Beginnings and ends---Steps to a theory of reference &
>       significance (Pedro C. Marijuan)
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> Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2015 12:43:40 +0100
> Subject: Re: [Fis] Beginnings and ends---Steps to a theory of reference &
> significance
>  Dear Terry and FIS colleagues---and pirates,
> Just a brief reflection on the below.
>  (From Terry's last message)...
> So my goal in this case is quite modest, and yet perhaps also a bit
> foolhardy. I want to suggest a simplest possible model system to use
> as the basis for formalizing the link between physical processes and
> semiotic processes. Perhaps someday after considerably elaborating
> this analysis it could contribute to issues of the psychology of human
> interactions. I hope to recruit some interest into pursuing this goal.
> In my view, any research endeavor is also accompanied by some "ultimate"
> goals or ends that go beyond the quite explicit disciplinary ones. In this
> case, say, about the destiny of the constructs that would surround the
> information concept (or the possibility of framing an informational
> perspective, or a renewed information science, or whatever), wouldn't it be
> interesting discussing in extenso what could that ultimate vision?
> I mean, most of us may agree in quite many points related to the
> microphysical (& thermodynamic) underpinning of information, as it
> transpires in the exchanges we are having--but where do we want to arrive
> finally with the construction activity? I tend to disagree with localist
> aims, even though at the time being they may look more prudent and
> parsimonious. Putting it in brief, too briefly!, and borrowing from
> Rosenbloom (P.S. 2013. On Computing: The Fourth Great Scientific Domain)
> the idea is that information science, properly developed and linked with
> computer science and mathematics, should constitute one of the Great
> Domains of contemporary science. The informational would go together with
> the physical, the biological, and the social: constituting the four great
> domains of science. See Figure below. Rather than attempting the
> construction of another average or standard discipline, information science
> is about the making out of one of the “great scientific domains” of
> contemporary knowledge.
> More cogent arguments could be elaborated on how to cover sceintifically
> the whole "information world" (human societies, behaving individuals, brain
> organization, cellular processes, biomolecules) and the problem of
> interlocking--crisscrossing a myriad of information flows at all levels.
> But the point is, "ends", although unassailable, may be as much important
> as "beginnings".
> Thanks in advance for the patience!
> ---Pedro
> *Figure 1. The Four Great Domains of Science*. The graphic shows the
> network of contemporary disciplines in the background;
> while the superimposed “four-leaf clover” represents the four great
> scientific domains.
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