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> > ... We can all agree that the creation of entropy is necessary to do
work; ...

With respect, this statement should not continue to go unchallenged. I for
one do not agree.

Entropy is a mathematical variable which balances equations, but cannot
possibly describe the conditions and actual processes which lead to work,
enable its completion, or detail its purpose. The variable "entropy"
describes only one aspect. It is like claiming homeostasis as a complete
description of a human.

The constant danger is coming to believe in variables thrown into some
picture, such as we see in recent cosmology. They are reified. They become,
as a result, objects of faith, even worldviews (Rifkin 1981). If someone
claims mathematics as prior to cosmology, that scientific faith should not
be presented as if it is a proven fact.

It is ridiculous to continue talking about "creation" of entropy. What is
created are new conditions, fresh processes, and objects. The point of a
thermodynamic process, or more generally, an Information process, is
object-creation. It from bit.

Thermodynamics is only a part of an Information process (Lerner 2014) [
http://arxiv.org/abs/1401.7041 ].

Malcolm Dean
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