dear friends, 

just a remark and reminder. terry will have his talk at our summit on the 
opening day and bob will facilitate the discussion. the opening day is the 3rd 
of june, 2015. bob will have the last talk of the summit on the 7th of june, on 
the boat trip. 

so you are welcome to attend and there will be plenty of opportunities to 
discuss face-to-face. 

there are also many other possibilities to engage with the summit. just browse 
the website

if you consider a contribution by yourself, look at the calls for papers (only 
an abstract is needed) and don’t forget that he deadline is the 27th of 

i recommend to book your flight and stay in vienna asap (vienna will be crowded 
at that time). pls, register also now for the conference (there is no risk if 
for any reasons you might be forced to cancel your visit – look at our 
cancellation policies.)

so hope to see you here in vienna, 


+43 1 58801 18730 (no voicemail)

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