Dear Roulette Wm. Smith , dear Joseph, Rafael, Pedro, and ALL,


         After this week’s work I can have enough time to write one mail now. 

         Dear Roulette, thanks for you mail with blessing and so many 
suggestions:common sense & aberrant common sense; critical thinking and 
intelligence(s) in worldwide cultures and languages,  Subjunctive, biological 
issues, Kantian notions of the a priori and a posteriori, Lem's perspectives, 
and Ethnomethodologies. Yes, the pearls, the cut surfaces of diamond! I enjoy 
you said “critical thinking and intelligence(s) in worldwide cultures and 
languages”. Parallel with “Subjunctive”your mentioned, we are study Symmetry 
phenomena in Chinese that abstract a common issue as Symmetry of Language. 
Rafael’s comment: Dr. Sukriti Ghosal: The Language of 'Gitanjali': the 
Paradoxical Matrix (in: The Criterion, 2012)” that is fine. And let me 
connected it with our Symmetry of language study and gain more inspirations. 
Yes, worldwide culture, now it is echoes in Indian. As another example to such 
paradox here is a lines from Buddha:     


it is impossible to reach

but it is impossible to escape suffering

                 unless one reaches

--- from Buddha   Mihir Chakraborty for Peom-Island Morning Chant2014


         I am an adviser of a poetry association of students in our university, 
I organized a Poem-islandMorning Chant three years ago, and yesterday I open it 
of 2015, spring team. This is the words of encourage from an India Prof. Mihir 
Chakraborty sent for such an events. We consisted  90days last spring team. 
Read Chinese ancient style poem, modern poems and English poems. Really has a 
Poem-Island in our campus. 

         Buddha’s paradox words are so powerful and really wisdom. Yes, 
Symmetry phenomena in Chinese and Gitanjali’s paradox Matrix are similar 
parallel manners of thinking and language. This is the point I should special 
explain soon. Thanks for Rafael’s comment, just put together is precious, we 
should let some link together. Know you see: so many information/consciousness 
streams are interweaving – forming worldwide new culture. 

         More later.   


best wishes, good weekend, 


March 27, 2015
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