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Sorry Loet, but I just don't see the need for an observer. I do think the
difference must be by something to something (perhaps the same thing) but
Koichiro's formulation implies this.  Again, I warn against unneeded



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OK. Let's get rid of Koichiro's observer. Remains the need to specify: 

1.      The first difference; 

2.      The second difference; 


The first difference can be measured using Shannon-type information, since a
probability distribution can be considered as a set of (first-order)
differences. Brillouin tried to specify the second difference as a ΔH. ΔH
can also be negative ("negentropy"). But how does one proceed to the





PS. I apologize to Pedro if this is beyond my second posting. I'll shut up. 

I needed to correct the misunderstanding as if the observer would be
important to me. L.


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