In maintenance of the position by Joseph:

I accept all approaches.
We must study any phenomenon from different aspects.
This does not mean that all actors should study all of the possible aspects, but accept them. According to me, Joe is right. Ontological aspects are as much important as epistemological. Episteme is about the way how we obtain information from certain (existing) entities. Ontology is about the study of these entities, independent of whether we obtain or not (and if so, which way) any information about them. The two approaches should be studied separately in themselves, but not denying the raison d'etre of the other.


2015.07.23. 15:58 keltezéssel, Fernando Flores írta:

Hello everybody:

I will answer to the comments made by Joseph and Luis will answer to the 
comments made by Moisés.

Dear Joseph:

Thank you for your comments. We are not sure about the usefulness of identifying “information” (order) with “mater”. In this sense we are very carefully to avoid any hard physicalist approach. In this sense we believe with Norbert Wiener:

The mechanical brain does not secrete thought “as the liver does bile”, as the earlier materialist claimed, nor does it put it out in the form of energy, as the muscle puts out its activity. Information is information, not matter nor energy. No materialism, which does not admit this, can survive at the present day.

An informational description of the world must stand as a new branch of science in which “digitalism” will be the natural language. Of course as any other science, it is a simplification of the complexity of nature/society/culture. I believe that we are shown that we are very conscious about the risks of a hard simplification, and that is why we introduced that idea of freedom in a chain of acts and use probability as mathematical language. We considered the vital acts as ∞-free.

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