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> Reacting to my:
> S: Well, I have generalized the Shannon concept of information carrying
> capacity under 'variety'...  {variety {information carrying capacity}}.
> This allows the concept to operate quite generally in evolutionary and
> ecological discourses.  Information, then, if you like, is what is left
> after a reduction in variety, or after some system choice. Consider dance:
> we have all the possible conformations of the human body, out of which a
> few are selected to provide information about the meaning of a dance.
> Jerry responded:
> Stan's post is a superb example of how anyone change the semantic meaning
> of words and talk about personal philosophy in context that ignores the
> syntactical meaning of the same word such that the exact sciences
> are generated.  Of course, this personal philosophy remains a private
> conversation.
> S: I really need a translation of this statement.


Can you provide an example of anything not explained by another thing?
And how is it possible to be a person and not express oneself from one's
personal philosophy?

Malcolm Dean
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