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Subject:        Information And Locality, Addendum's
Date:   Mon, 28 Sep 2015 16:46:41 -0700
From:   Steven Ericsson-Zenith <ste...@iase.us>
To: Foundations of Information Science Information Science <fis@listas.unizar.es>
CC:     Pedro Marijuan <pcmarijuan.i...@aragon.es>

Dear List,

Looking over my promises in this discussion I have two particular notes to 
provide. These got put aside as I became distracted by both the server issues 
and my health.

I promised to provide a historical statement (referencing Benjamin Peirce, 
Einstein and Turing) and a brief mathematical statement.  I will make these 
statements separately over the coming days.

Pedro, I note that server issues continue.

 Dr. Steven Ericsson-Zenith, Los Gatos, California. +1-650-308-8611

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