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The new discussion session "Phenomenology, Life, and Information Science"
is the interactive continuation of the recently published

2015 JPBMB Special Issue on Integral Biomathics: Life Sciences, Mathematics
and Phenomenological Philosophy

(with free access to all articles, incl. those of the following 5
presenters until July 19th, 2016).

The announcement is here:

As Pedro already mentioned, it is planned to continue for about three
months (ending around May 30th), with 2-3 weeks devoted to each theses.
Most of the authors of this volume and from a few related projects are
joining the FIS list for this series of discussions in the following weeks.

All participants are encouraged to provide their feedback to the
presenters. Please take care to make thorough and concise statements when
commenting and inquiring about details of the authors’ theses, while
limiting to the FIS customary *two messages per week*. Depending on the
intensity of the exchange traffic a limit of one message per week per user
may be established. The responses of the presenters and the moderators are
the only exceptions according to the FIS rules. For those who are new in
the FIS community I strongly recommend to explore the web site before the discussion.

Here is again the list of contributors for the particular fields:

- Maxine Sheets-Johnstone: from Biology

- Louis H. Kauffman: from Mathematics

- Soeren Brier: from Bio/Cybersemiotics

- Alex Hankey: from Physics

- Plamen L. Simeonov: with a challenging subject in integrative medicine

I am going to moderate the discussions along with Pedro.

We will start now with *Maxine Sheets-Johnstone*’s theme “*Phenomenology
and Evolutionary Biology*”. She is an interdisciplinary scholar affiliated
with the Department of Philosophy at the University of Oregon where she
taught periodically in the 1990s and where she now holds an ongoing
Courtesy Professor appointment. She has a B.A. in French and Comparative
Literature, an M.A. in Dance, a Ph.D. in Dance and Philosophy, and an
incomplete second doctorate in Evolutionary Biology. Maxine began her
career as a choreographer/dancer, professor of dance/dance scholar. She has
published near 80 articles in humanities, science, and art journals. Her
book publications include The Phenomenology of Dance; Illuminating
Dance: Philosophical
Explorations; the “roots” trilogy: The Roots of Thinking, The Roots of
Power: Animate Form and Gendered Bodies, and The Roots of Morality; Giving
the Body Its Due; The Primacy of Movement; The Corporeal Turn: An
Interdisciplinary Reader; Putting Movement Into Your Life; A Beyond Fitness
Primer, and (forthcoming 2016) Insides and Outsides: Interdisciplinary
Perspectives on Animate Nature. She was awarded a Distinguished Fellowship
at the Institute of Advanced Study at Durham University, UK, in 2007 for
her continuing research on xenophobia, an Alumni Achievement Award by the
School of Education, University of Wisconsin in 2011, and was honored with
a Scholar’s Session by the Society of Phenomenology and Existential
Philosophy in 2012.

Maxine, you have the word.

@All: Enjoy your discussion.

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