Dear Lou, Pedro and Colleagues,

I think that Pedro made an interesting comment suggesting an extension of
Lou’s original model that another sort of recursion can be injected from
the outside world in terms of multiple nested loops of action. That the
species (r)evolution was accelerated and “harmonized” via “cross-cultural”
exchange of DNA segments invoked by viruses is a known fact now. It also
changes to some extent the meaning of infection diseases from something
“bad” to fight into a sort of necessary symbiosis for the co-evolution of
the system Earth/Cosmos. So, it makes sense to think and ask whether by
creating more and more artificial drugs and vaccines against infections we
do not intervene in the mutation of viruses in a way that cannot be
regarded as response-able, because of also being too reductionistic with
respect to what are the consequences for both ourselves and the BIG unknown
ecosystem outside our bodies. I am curious to know what do you think about
the option to try integrating Turing Oracle Machines in such extended
recursive models of living systems, which integrate viruses in the
evolutionary loop. This idea was suggested in the course of our integral
biomathics discussions in the past. In other words, what do you think about
linking a formal biomathematical representation and a biocomputation
responsive mechanism in maintaining an autonomous biologic? Perhaps we need
multiple layers of abstraction, i.e. multiple  biologics, and not only the
bimolecular and cellular ones. And also, do you think there are other
mechanisms for information transfer, e.g. in prokaryotic cells and archaea,
also addressing the principles of circularity and recursion?

Another question I have is ignited from Pedro’s reflections upon your
circularity model for reproduction and directed to both of you. If
biological “clocks” such as the circadian rhythm are the result of an
evolutionary impressed repetition of action, are they the carrier or the
carried, or perhaps both, and if so how does this come into being? I recall
a paper by Koichiro Matsuno in the former 2013 IB special issue “Making
Biological Theory More Down to Earth” which said something interesting
about the role of cycles in maintaining identity and life, also from the
phenomenological perspective concerning the distinction between self and
outer world. Here is where I’d like to learn more about the distinction
logic like Pedro.

Thank you.

All the best.


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