I just complete the statement of Hans: the really relativistic treatment 
quantum phenomena is done in the framework of quantum field theory, QFT.


Andrei Khrennikov, Professor of Applied Mathematics,
International Center for Mathematical Modeling
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Linnaeus University, Växjö-Kalmar, Sweden
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The founders of quantum mechanics all realized that RELATIVITY posits a linear 
relationship between energy and momentum of a massive particle, while 
NONRELATIVISTIC classical mechanics, which is a mere approximation, implies 
that kinetic energy is related to the square of the momentum.  Since light 
always moves at light speed, the approximate treatment does not apply to 

The founders always explained whether they were working relativistically or 
approximately, so there was never a mistake or a confusion on that score.

But there were plenty of different mistakes and confusions in their work -- 
some surviving to this day.

Hans Christian von Baeyer

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