Dear FIS colleagues,

Thanks to Soeren for his presentation, as usual several themes remain lingering 
and may resurface during future exchanges. But now it is the time of ALEX 
HANKEY.  He will post quite soon his presentation about "Phenomenology of 
Life." (Next Monday I will be able to upload it on the fis web pages, as 
usual.) In the meantime you may have a glance on his intriguing overview:

"OVERVIEW This presentation combines insights from Critical Phenomena and 
Quantum Field Theory to formulate a completely new kind of information theory 
applying at loci of control of biological systems. It thus allows a completely 
new approach to phenomenology. We use the new theory to model direct mind to 
mind communication between humans and animals, for which we present 
considerable evidence. I am honored to present this theory for the first time 
to information scientists."

Best regards
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